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What's here? We provide instant access to over 300 million criminal court, inmate, and sex offender records, the largest and most complete instant-access criminal record database on the Internet. Search by state, region or all of our criminal records and offender records at once. To find out more see our criminal records page.

What's the cost? There are NO signup or subscription fees to become a Premium member. You pay only for each search. Premium members pay $9 for a statewide search, $15 per region, or $29 for a search of all of our criminal record databases nationwide. DirectPass members pay from $7 for statewide to $19 for our nationwide database. See our prices and services.

Need more? Can't find information for your state or county? Upgrade to DirectPass to access our directory of over a thousand links to additional criminal court, inmate, arrest, and booking databases provided directly online by public agencies. Additional Criminal record databases available with DirectPass.

Need still more? Premium users and DirectPass subscribers get instant access to information from all bankruptcy courts in the United States plus judgment and tax lien information from most states-over 100 million combined records. Price is $10 per search for Premium members and $8 for DirectPass subscribers whether it's by city, statewide, or nationwide. See our bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens page for more information.

Need an upgrade? Premium members upgrade to DirectPass and receive discounts up to $10 on your Premium searches AND access our public record directory.

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